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About us

Chamagake Agricultural Development PLC has been established since 2006 E.C with an initial registration capital of Birr 3,000,000.00. Currently, Ato Bereket Baysa one of the shareholders is appointed as the General Manager of the PLC. He is matured, capable and well experienced entrepreneur. He has tremendous work experience and profound knowledge of business for the past so many years specializing specifically on transport sector. He has built remarkable reputation as a trust worthy and dependable person to do business with suppliers, creditors and other stakeholders. Chamagake Agricultural Development is a private limited company that is formed by for visionary and energetic individuals. The farm is located in Gambella Peoples National Regional State, in Agnuwaha Zone, at Gambella District, Pinkyow Kebele, 711.9 Kilo Meter away from the capital city Addis Ababa, 10 Kilo Meter far from the region Capital City, Gambella, 5 Kilo Meter from the Woreda. It is also located near to River, where the river passes near to the boundary of the farm site.


To be a market leader in producing and exporting quality products to the world.


To ensure production and environmental conservation of our farm by applying the latest technology and available tools to add value to our products, and give our customers high quality products to retain customer loyalty and become our customers’ supplier of choice.

Core Values

• Entrepreneurship • Quality • Reliability • Accessibility • Collaboration • Supporting Environmental Sustainability

Business Objectives

1.To be a competent exporter of agricultural products and importer of highly demanded products.
2.To play the leading role in generating foreign currency to our country by actively involving in the international market.
3.To create job opportunities for citizens by assuring continuous and sustainable wealth through healthy business competition.

General Objective

The General objective of the project is to establish a commercial farm to produce quality Green Mung and sesame on a total secured farm land 850 hectare located in Gambella Peoples National Regional State.The farm land is a virgin land currently covered with bushes dispersedly. In general, the farm land is very suitable for different crops such as Sesame and Mung Bean, haricot bean, maize, sorghum etc. However, maximum attention has been rendered to sesame production. Sesame as highly exportable agricultural commodity has a different application globally; it has an immense market potential in the foreign countries. Ethiopia has a huge potential in sesame production, ranked as 4th globally and at present one of the sources of foreign currency. Therefore, the market is so wide for sesame production.

Specific Objective

The specific objectives of the project, according to the memorandum and article of association include:-
1 To solve the communities economic and social problems through integrating knowledge, skill resource of the shareholders;
2 To produce agricultural products at the required quantity, time and minimum price so as to regulate market;
3 To produce vegetables, fruits, oil crops and pulses and supply same to the market;
4 To import improved seed and use same as well as distribute and sale;
5 To import pesticide, herbicide and insecticide chemicals and use same as well as distribute and sale;
6 To fatten cattle and supply to the market
7 To import agricultural farm machineries and supply to the market;
8 To import vehicles for the transport service and supply to the market; and
9 To engage other similar activities